Hello friends and Happy New Year!! 
In the spirit of fresh, new beginnings we will continue exposing you to the amazing talent we find and feature, but in this particular moment we'd like to take the time to reflect on the success of our most recent, past experience.  

We created Lore with two central goals. 
The first was to create a network of exceptional art and design. We wanted to create a little society of work that we simply admired. We spent time seeking out a small bundle, and a variety of artist's works. We wanted Lore to be a collection of simply everything because the splendor of creativity is infinite. 
The second goal was to put the concept into effect in a physical place. An exhibition. For a short period in December, we installed a "pop-up," shop. Our location was a beautifully charming space off of the Historic Columbus Theatre on the West Side of Providence. The Street was Broadway, a bustling midpoint of the West Side, with a diverse public.

With little time to prepare, we gathered a team and began constructing our first concept store. We had already collected 20 different designers to be featured in the shop and the work varied from fine art, to furniture, to jewelry, to apparel, and even artisan textiles. Needless to say, the shop was already pretty well furnished! All we had to do was hang some decent lighting, plaster our name all over the beautiful bay windows, and touch up, and construct a few simple displays we already had lying around. 

Before we knew it, Lore was alive! Our opening celebration was on the 12th of December. Our turn-out was incredible, people really got excited about what we were doing, and we knew it was all worth it! For the following 9 days we were open to the public. It was amazing to see people truly enjoying the work we collected. Let's just say that there are some lucky recipients of some of our featured work out there! 
As amazing of an experience, creating our concept Store was, we couldn't have done it with out the help of some very dear, and talented friends.  

Let's take a moment to highlight : 

Rani Macneal: With her past business and start up experience, Rani was exceptionally helpful in finding out exactly what Lore needed to function as a legal business. Rani was not only helpful in structuring our plans, but also contributed heavily in our instal. She was constantly problem solving and making excellent suggestions. Photo credit: clickclicklove


Naushon Hale: Naushon's experience in carpentry and a variety of installation work was extremely valuable to the construction of Lore. Naushon helped us build the majority of our exhibition. With his help from design to execution, we were able to fabricate what was needed to display our collection. Naushon is also a featured designer for Lore. 

Christine Kim: A working artist, and jewelry designer in Providence, Christine is also multi talented. Christine was extremely helpful in the installation of our shop. She knew exactly what the space needed and would take initiative in executing her ideas. Her hand was heavily involved with merchandising, lighting, and signage.

The Columbus Cooperative: The Columbus Cooperative is a group of Volunteers who run a flourishing music venue and community out of the Historic Columbus Theatre. They were kind enough to rent us the small space, in which we housed our Pop Up Exhibition for the month of December. If you haven't seen a show at the Columbus, you haven't truly experienced the West Side of Providence. We highly recommend it. 

We Simply can not express how happy we were with the results of Lore's First stab at a Shop. Oh, and don't worry, that was only the beginning. 


Margaret Hinge and Jayna Aronovitch