I have been collecting and making for as long as I can remember. As a child I was mesmerized by beads, cords and any other material I could get my hands on. Jewelry was the best outlet for this fascination, being able to take something hand made and carry it with you. I have been selling my wares in different forms since I was 12 years old. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design I knew I needed to keep making. Since graduating in 2011 I have continued to built my own creative practice and watch it grow over the years. I love to see where new paths take me and to have my work evolve as opportunities arise .


I am an artist and photographer currently residing in Providence, Ri.  My artistic practice varies greatly now, even though I've been drawn to photography since I was a teenager. Back then we were still using film, and experiencing that process was extremely inspirational for me. These Days, when I am not completely immersed in planning, styling, and shooting more commercial based work, I continue to work with these analogue processes. It's truly a great experience to be on both ends of the photographic spectrum! On my website you can find out more information about me and the different kinds of work I do.